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Football like you've never played it before!

Play the wildest and toughest teams from the four corners of the globe.

Quick, pass it to a teammate!
  • Awesome effects!
    wild effects football soccer game for mobile

    "Every match comes with it's share of wacky surprises: rugby balls, mines and the rather painful electroballs"

  • 100 unique matches!
    match football soccer game for mobile

    "You and eleven tiny men will travel from the snow-capped Andes to the Moscow Kremlin and beyond"

  • Keep it clean, gentlemen!
    funny football soccer game for mobile

    "You'll kick, kick and, uh, kick harder towards the dream of being crowned champions of Brazil 2014"

An original game

It's all good

Uppercup Football is available for free on the app stores. If you like what you see and you want more of the same, then you can buy the full version of the game and keep us in business!

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Nothing but fun! There's no external advertising in our games and no annoying popups! Our players' personal information is stored securely and will never be sold or shared. Ever!

The soccer game the world needed!
Perhaps the craziest football game on the App Store
It represents the sport’s core tenets better than many ‘actual’ soccer games
Extremely funny! It’s a little gem of the mobile game industry
A fun soccer game with a dose of wildness
Maybe just the best soccer game on the Google Play Store
100 matchs withwacky rules & balls are waiting for you
Roughly addictive, unforgettable soundtrack
This fun arcade football game impressed with its originality
UpperCup Football makes soccer explode, literally
”A lot of fun, whether you are a football fan or not
Full of humor, what a surprise in the stadium!
 “UpperCup Football reinvigorates traditional football

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